The Next Biggest Thing is Here.Beef's Answer To BaconUpgrade your recipes!Refresh your old favorites!Your New "Not-So-Guilty" Pleasure.Buy Schmacon Online!

The Next Biggest Thing is Here.

Taste the new revolution in bacon!

Beef's Answer To Bacon

Bold, meaty, salty, smoky, sweet

Upgrade your recipes!

Add more taste! #whatruschmacon ?

Refresh your old favorites!

Make your meals better with more beef !

Your New "Not-So-Guilty" Pleasure.

Less fat, sodium and calories than most pork bacons.

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Now that summer is almost here, you’ll be grilling.  A lot.  Have you ever tried to cook pork bacon on a BBQ grill? If so, you probably started a small fire.  How about putting Schmacon on the grill?  It has significantly less fat than pork bacon, so there will be less flare up. Give it…

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