The Next Biggest Thing is Here.Beef's Answer To BaconUpgrade your recipes!Refresh your old favorites!Your New "Not-So-Guilty" Pleasure.Buy Schmacon Online!

The Next Biggest Thing is Here.

Taste the new revolution in bacon!

Beef's Answer To Bacon

Bold, meaty, salty, smoky, sweet

Upgrade your recipes!

Add more taste! #whatruschmacon ?

Refresh your old favorites!

Make your meals better with more beef !

Your New "Not-So-Guilty" Pleasure.

Less fat, sodium and calories than most pork bacons.

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You think you’ve had beef bacon? Not until you try Schmacon!
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Better Bacon Alternative

Bigger, bolder, better flavor with less sodium, fat and calories. Like no other beef bacon you’ve ever tried!

Award Winning Flavor

Recipient of 2014 Food and Beverage Innovations Award presented by the National Restaurant Association


A Brief Overview on Schmacon

Schmacon is “Beef’s Answer to Bacon. Ted Brunson and Howard Bender introduce you to this new, versatile, delicious product.